Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google's Major Acquisitions

Google's has done over 100 acquisitions over the past ten years. So which deals should we classify as significant? The largest deal by far (Motorola Mobility) involves consideration of about $12.5 billion. (This deal has been approved by U.S and EU antitrust authorities, but is still pending regulatory clearance is China, Taiwan and Israel.) The acquisition of Motorola Mobility is expected to substantially augment Google’s thin patent portfolio of about 2,000 patents, increasing it to 20,000+.

But size of transaction alone does not determine significance. Consider Google's 2005 purchase of Android, rumored to cost a mere $50 million. Android has driven quick adoption of Google's mobile platform, which has augured well for company's broader ad-based business model.

For our take on Google's most significant acquisitions, see the infographic at This visual is destined for change as Google's corporate acquisition machine continues its march forward.